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Are you looking for a church? Please join us! Our ministry programs serve all ages from newborn to senior adults.  From Sunday School each Sunday morning to Word of Life on Wednesday evenings, our children enjoy a full field of opportunities. In addition to Sunday morning Bible Studies, our youth are engaged in various types of activities from small group studies on Wednesday nights and mission trips to M-Fuge, to fun fellowship activities.    St. John’s also has a strong adult ministry program.  Our 11:00am service is a blended worship with traditional choir and worship team leading the congregation in hymns, anthems, as well as praise and worship music.

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We are dedicated to ensuring that your children have a safe, fun, and meaningful experience when they come with you to worship.  To that end, we provide free childcare ministry staffed with competent, enthusiastic, loving, and screened workers from infant to Kindergarten. Older children may worship with their family for the entire service, or may be dismissed to Children’s Church prior to the sermon.

We hope you’ll join us for our Sunday School Bible studies at 9:30am, and then for our 11:00am worship service to see what we’re all about.  Through diverse music and practical messages, the truths of the Bible are presented in a format that are easy to understand and practical to apply even if you’ve never been to church

We hope the information on this page will be helpful as you plan your visit. A full list of our services is available on the “About” page. For more information about St. John’s or to have someone contact you, click here.


A Note from Pastor Charlie

People today ask if the church is relevant?  The church is relevant when it fulfills its purpose. The context of fulfilling that purpose takes place in community. The early church father Basil wrote: “When we live our lives in isolation, what we have is unavailable and what we lack is unprocurable.”   

The German language has two words for church. “Kirche” refers to organized religion or a church building.  “Gemeinde” is a word used to describe community, but is also the word to describe church. The Bible describes church not as a building or an organization, but as a community of believers committed to the mission of transforming the world for God’s glory. The word “church” comes from the Greek word ekklesia which is defined as “an assembly” or “called-out ones.”

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The first church is described in the Bible (Acts 2:46-47). That church was a committed community.  They met regularly, enjoyed table fellowship, rejoiced in all circumstances, took their life direction from the teachings of Jesus and supported each other… all for God’s glory. 

The believers at St. John’s Baptist Church are a relevant community. We gather, we worship, we teach, train and fellowship regularly… all for God’s glory.

We seek to practice the two most important teachings of Jesus:  Love God and love others.  If you are seeking community, we encourage you to experience community with us this Sunday.

Pastor Charlie

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