Sunday School

Sunday school is a great opportunity to connect with others in the church. The Christian life is never a solo journey. Christians need consistent encouragement from each other to persevere in faith and live lives characterized by love and obedience to Christ. We believe Sunday school is an excellent way to facilitate the mutual encouragement, care, and service that the Bible calls the local church body to practice toward one another. We offer Sunday school classes where we can come together and share, pray, fellowship and study the word of God in smaller groups.

Characteristics of the St. John’s Sunday School

  • Uses literature developed by “Lifeway,” the Sunday School division of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Is strictly Bible-based
  • Preschool, children, and youth groups are led/taught by dedicated, skilled, and background-checked members
  • Classes are developed and led as age-appropriate from babies to senior citizens
  • Sunday School organization is overseen by our Sunday School Director.

How are our Sunday School classes set up organized?


Preschool: Infants through Kindergarten

    • Infants and toddlers
    • 2 years old
    • 3-4 years old
    • Kindergarten

Children: Grades 1-5

    • Grades 1 and 2
    • Grades 3 and 4
    • Grade 5

Youth: Grades 6-12

    • Middle School Grades 6 through 8
    • High School Grades 9 through 12

  • Adult: Post-high school age
    • Young Adults Class: Young Marrieds and Singles
    • Explorers Class:  Married couples around ages 35 to 45
    • Fellowship Class:  Married couples approximate ages 40 to 70
    • Ruth/ Fidelis Class:  Ladies class Mixed Ages 
    • Friendship Class:  Men generally ages 35 and up

Sunday School Times:

  • 9:30 until 10:30 each Sunday
  • 10:30 until 12:00 Extended Session for those through 4 years old