I woke up this morning with MercyMe’s “Dear Younger Me” stuck in my head. You can find the song here (https://vimeo.com/164349212). It really has me thinking about what I would tell my younger self if I had a chance. I wrote some thoughts down and have shared them below. This was a cathartic process for me and I thought it might help others as well.

Dear Younger Me,

You are beautiful just the way you are. Don’t try to change yourself to fit the standards of others.

You are not going to be perfect. The only perfect person is Jesus. God freely offers grace. Accept it and give yourself grace as well. When you do mess up, don’t be afraid to admit it and apologize. Apologies go a long way and will restore relationships.

You are blessed beyond measure. When you are having a rough day, start counting your blessings. Also, it doesn’t hurt to say thank you every now and then.

Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to minister to other. There are so many opportunities you miss, because you are wrapped up in your own life. God wants to use you to help others as well.

Your family is pretty amazing. Don’t ever forget that. They will always be there for you. Focus on the ones you can always count on and don’t stress over people who cut themselves out of your life. That is their loss, not yours.

Have confidence in who you are, but remain humble and teachable. Don’t let the words and actions of others tear you down. The jokes and insults of others don’t define you. Only God can do that and He calls you His child. There’s nothing better.

Spend time in prayer and read your Bible daily. Relationships don’t grow without work. The same goes for your relationship with God. Prioritize it and spend time with God daily.

God places people in your life for a reason. Pay attention to those people who take the time to teach you and help you grow. Even when they are correcting you, they are doing it out of love. They will help shape you into the person God is calling you to be. Listen to them. Follow their guidance.

You are going to go through tough times. God never promised it would be easy. He will use the good and bad moments in your life to shape you into who He wants you to be. Grow and learn from every experience in life. Rely on the people He has placed in your life to pull you through. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It doesn’t mean you are weak. God created you for community. Allow God to minister to you through them.

You’ve been told over and over again that being a Christian means we are called to live in a way that is different than the way of the world and people are watching. Guess what? The people who told you that are absolutely right. People are watching and waiting to see how you respond to thing and how you live your life. Live in such a way that brings glory and honor to God. You may be the only Bible some people ever read.

Take in every single moment. They go by so quickly and soon they are just memories. Make sure you are fully present with people. Make memories. Slow down and breathe it all in.

Life is a journey full of lots of twists and turns. Allow God to lead you through every single one. Rely on God and His strength to pull you through. You can’t do it on your own. Also, relax and have fun. It’s true Jesus never promised it would be easy, but He did come so you could have an abundant life. Embrace that!

Love, Me…