I’d like to welcome you to St. John’s Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, VA. St. John’s Baptist is a 164-year-old church with a new mission:  Sharing Christ, Discipling Believers, and Loving the World.

What does this mean? It means we are striving to develop an infrastructure which will allow us to share God’s truth, to equip believers for transformation and to share the love of God to anyone and everyone. It means giving back to our community and empowering our members to make a difference. It means loving one another, supporting our unique differences, encouraging others to find God’s presence in their lives, and believing, sharing and praising the Word of God.

We are a church of multiple generations, and we are learning to honor each generation by growing, worshipping and serving alongside each other. We believe that older and younger generations can worship together, highlighting one another’s strengths to love and serve the Lord. We don’t believe there is only one way of worshipping; instead, we believe the worship of God happens when we open our hearts to God and his Holy Spirit. We accomplish that through a variety of music styles, through preaching and applying God’s truth, and by humbly submitting ourselves to God’s vision, purpose, and plans.

We are a church with a growing heart for missions. We desire to meet the variety of needs of people and share the good news of Jesus Christ as well.

We invite you to be part of our church and help us to be transformed into the perfect image of Christ for the world and for the glory of the Father.

Anyone is encouraged to worship with us in our church. It is my hope to see and meet you on Sunday.

-Pastor Charlie Brown